Who are we?

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the international professional body for Logistics and Transport professionals with over 30,000 members in over 30 countries.

CILT formally established a Section in the United Republic of Tanzania in September, 2007 although there has been membership dating from early seventies.

Our  Vision

To raise the standard of performance of the logistics and transport industry

Our  Mission

To be the leading worldwide source of assurance of excellence for Logistics and Transport  professionals.  

1.     Our Code of Conduct

At all times corporate or individual Members shall uphold the good standing and reputation of the Institute, and in exercising authority as a professional person shall:-

    • Act responsibly towards the welfare, health and safety of all members of their organization and the impact of logistics and transport on the environment and the community in general.
    • Uphold the integrity and professionalism of the logistics and transport industry;
    • Continue their professionalism development throughout their careers and actively assist and encourage fellow members as well as non-members to advance their  logistics and transport knowledge and expertise;
    • Strive  to serve the interests of their employers loyally without compromising their professional integrity or ethics;
    • Carry out their duties in such a way as to promote a professional image of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the logistics and transport industry;
    • Build their professional reputation on merit and compete fairly where competition is appropriate;
    • Comply with the law, custom and practice  of any country in which they work;
    • Not misuse their authority or office for personal gain; and
    • Not engage in any conduct which would bring the Institute into disrepute.

2.     Our  Objectives

    • To promote the study of the science and the art of logistics and transport.
    • To establish and maintain the professional standing of its members so that they are recognized for their superior ability and expertise to create world-class Logistics and Transport value within their organizations and the United Republic of Tanzania in general.
    • To cooperate with other professional institutes and the educational sector so as to raise training and educational standards, in keeping with our code of professional conduct.
    • To foster investigation and research into the development and improvement of logistics and transport.
    • To provide professional advise to the industry, government and the community.
    • To promote safety and security in all modes of transport.
    • To optimize the use of ICT in logistics and transport.
  • To hold regular meetings, conferences, and events on logistics and transport.